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1Sep 2017

Which Short term course to choose for better job opportunity and quick employability?

This is a question which confuses many of the people who have either done a degree just for qualification or a technical/professional course but still have no job on hand. I meet several working experienced professionals also who somehow choose a wrong carrier path earlier. Now they are able to grow and want to switch altogether to something new more promising and having higher growth.

It is a difficult situation and requires lot of clarity and proper guidance to reach at a conclusion. But nevertheless one can weigh pros and cons to reach out to a decision. More you delay, more you procrastinate more you lose.

 It has been rightly said “time and tide waits for none”.

Consider following at stage one

  1. Am I happy/unhappy with my current job/situation? Do I need to get out of this and do something else or by making some correction the current issues can be resolved without major change.
  2. Do I feel suffocated in what I am doing and everyday feel I long for something else?
  3. Does my job meet my financial needs in present and even in future. Is there chance of growth with experience by continuing or changing job in same industry?
  4. Am I not getting job after my past degree and time is ticking, I need to support me and my family?

Once you have answers which indicate you that only long term solution is to start a new initiative, plan career afresh, doesn’t delay take your next stop to weigh for possible options?

  • What is that I enjoy doing and is it possible to make an earning out of that?
  • Can I get better by upgrading my skills?
  • Can I manage timings by doing both my current job and new initiative together?
  • Do my financials allow for the expenses to upgrade for new skills? Is it possible to make part payments every month to keep current job going and learning side by side?

Find answers to above questions and you will have something in mind to begin with. Now, look out for the short term training and courses available online offline, compare the quality price and deliverables and align your findings from earlier steps to get the best option.

Some of the facts that will help you shape your career with Short Term IT related courses

  1. IT industry is most promising industry for job with ample and variety of job offerings.
  2. It is one of the highest paying industries with unlimited growth opportunity provided you have right skills and experience.
  3. In IT industry you grow for sure as your experience keeps counting. Even a small start/break can lead to rather promising career unlike other industry.
  4. Once, you have right skills lot of freelancing opportunity domestic and international are available.
  5. You need a good laptop and internet to do all this, of course with an initial training.

Caution: Selecting the right course among available one is a major challenge. Take following points in consideration

  1. Your prior qualification, field of study.
  2. Scale of Opportunities available with the course in question.
  3. Does it cater to your interest area?
  4. What is the kind of salary and growth it offer?

Choosing the best institute for short term IT course

There are opportunities and lot of qualified professionals in IT industry all around but lack of skill is the major challenge for companies who are looking to hire people. So, Only and only good skills will help you grab a good job and grow further.

Some Short term IT courses like Web designing, web development, graphic designing, SEO, Digital Marketing are quick to learn and even non-technical people can learn with little effort. Other Short term IT courses like programming languages JAVA, Android, .NET require good technical skills and time and effort to get you in shape but offer higher rewards in long term.

So best strategy is to start small with a quick employability course and keep upgrading along with job for next level. Your increasing experience will increase your pay package and your new skills will further enhance your income opportunity. Believe it or not even if you start small, if you have right IT skills and stay in job for 4 to 5 years you can really meant lot of money.

How good IT skills can be assured with a short term course?

By choosing a course and training that offers below

  1. Practical training
  2. Professional guidance
  3. Exposure to latest industry expectations
  4. Your preparedness to quickly adapt to job scenario.

We offer you all of this at 121techtraining in form of short term courses in Delhi. We help people shape up their career in IT industry and to remove obstacle in their growth by upgrading their skill to next level. We help them learn to solve and deliver before they have finished our course. We let their skills and confidence talk rather than a job assurance.

Take your first step to get guided without wasting time.

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