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9Mar 2016

PPC Digital Marketing Agency Delhi

PPC Digital Marketing Agency Delhi

digital-marketing-agency-delhiAs a PPC Digital Marketing Agency Delhi, we provide personalized Google Adwords, PPC, Digital marketing training in Delhi, in most effective and practical way to professionals who wish to improve their carrier prospect. We are located close by Lajpat Nagar metro station in south Delhi, well connected to Noida and Faridabad with bus and metro route. For professionals we keep weekend option and most importantly in any case we don’t run more than single batch with maximum 5 participants only, so that Adwords PPC digital marketing training at Delhi remains personalized.

Google search and display network is one of the biggest digital advertising platforms. If one wishes to become a digital marketing professional it is not possible without adding Google Adwords knowledge to his kitty. Whether it’s brand visibility, hard core e-commerce product selling or promoting an app Google Adwords Training gives most effective way to advertise and major the results.

How PPC Digital Marketing Agency works?

As we popularly call it PPC or pay per click digital adverting, one can choose either to pay for impressions accrued or click on the advertisement or even based on acquisition, which is on happening of actual sale. One can choose PPC, CPM or CPA model.

Google is a self-served advertising platform, hence we are supposed to have sufficient knowledge to handle the advertising. In absence of requisite Digital Marketing or Google Adwords knowledge one can loose adverting money and land up paying higher prices for inventory without getting the right kind of traffic.

Hence, Google Adwords or PPC training imparts you essential knowledge to make advertising strategy, create campaigns effectively, write your ad copies, and create an effective landing page. Apart from this you learn how to reduce your cost and improve your ad position and how to translate more clicks (CTR) and more conversions for your money.

Whether it’s a text ad, banner ad, product listing ad, video ad, in app advertising you have it all under one Google Adwords account.

PPC Digital Marketing Course Offerings

During the course you learn to get right traffic by using match types, search terms and other options. After you have started a campaign it is important to monitor and improve the results and to calculate ROI (Return on Investment). It is always important to remain profitable when we are running a campaign to generate sales.

It is not all with live case studies and Google Advertising in action you can really learn like a professional. Finally, It’s not just about tools but about strategy, application, review and results.

Google Analytics along with webmaster tools and other Reporting tools combined with Adwords give you powerful insight in the traffic, effectiveness and course correction of website and digital marketing. During Google Adwords/PPC course we provide requisite knowledge of the same to deal effectively with it.

Google Adwords Certification:

Google Adwords Certification is a great way to let employer know that you are fit and competent for the job. Spare sometime at your end along with the classes and you can be a Google Certified Adwords professional like many others who have achieved it.

Course Duration: If you are looking for weekend classes, it will require 10 sessions of around 4 hrs each i.e total 40 hrs. of training or 2.5 months to complete the training.

Course Fee:

Google Adwords PPC digital marketing training Course Fee : Rs.12,000 for 40 Hrs. of training 2.5 months

Digital Marketing Course Fee: Rs.20,000 For 60 Hrs. training

SEO Course Fee : Rs.8,500 for 25 Hrs of training 1.5 months

Send your enquiry today to get a personalized 121 training in Digital Marketing-PPC-Google Adwords.

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