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Website Designing Course

Website designing course being a very popular and effective training for getting job. It is equally popular among carrier aspirants. But with everyday changing tools and techniques institutes and students are unable to keep track of the latest needs. We try to address those needs to bring them closer to delivering the right websites. We take care of all aspects of website designing be it HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript or flash to help them combine the power of these to deliver the right stuff.

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PHP Training in Delhi

PHP and MySql have taken a major place in website development. It's not only easy and fast to develop a program into but also gives an edge to utilize open source technology. In our PHP training program we offer in depth practical understanding of PHP, MySql development. During this course we take care of deliverables not just course content. Idea is to help learners prepare for the skill set required to get employed.

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SEO Training for Professionals

We provide end-to-end SEO course for professionals. SEO training is designed to get the right basic concepts, hands-on practical for on-page and off-page SEO techniques. During this course students are given live assignments in order to learn on-page optimization, content creation and back link creation through various techniques. For a better understanding of on-page SEO we also give students exposure to basic overview of html coding, open source technology and PHP coding.

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Digital Marketing Course

We provide complete digital marketing training course for professionals. The course is aimed at giving authentic training to become a digital marketer. Our training is based on interaction, case studies and live projects. Internet marketing course not only makes students proficient in working with digital marketing tools and techniques but also in building strategy and executing them to reach the goals.

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Open Source Training

At 121techtraining we provide training in open source technology like wordpress, joomla, drupal, mambo for those who want to develop websites without going much into programming. It gives a chance to graphic designers and web designers to upgrade into a website developer without having even basic programming knowledge. This course for professionals gives entrepreneurs and start ups an opportunity to plan and execute their own online property in PHP based open source technology.

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Graphic Designing

We at 121techtraining make you proficient in graphic designing. Our graphic design course covers layout design, image editing, logo designing, designing for print and web. Graphic design training is practical oriented and gives you ability to think and translate your ideas with tools.

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Training hightlights

  • 1. 100% Practical Training
  • 2. Training as Per Your Need
  • 3. Training By Professionals
  • 4. Learn at Your Own pace


What is 121 training?

121 training as name itself suggests is a training which is not based on a standard format but is planned as per need of the individual participant. Through our candidate evaluation form we ensure to get right understanding of candidate, his background, academics, experience and training needs and purpose. Based on these inputs we plan a curriculum suited to bring the desired skill set and time required for the same. We do all this exercise as we understand that learning pace of an individual depends upon his academics, prior experience, learning abilities and other related factors.

Who are we?

We are not a training institute for formal training but are a software development company with people having vast practical experience in real time development. Hence, our approach is to provide training which is 100% practical and is aimed at empowering participants to deliver common applications and components required in real life industry scenario. Our training schedule is completely preplanned, delivery schedule based, marking the milestones to be achieved at different point of times. Ultimately, the whole exercise removes the gap between acquired skills, knowledge and exposure and required once to break into professional arena. This paves the way for getting into right kind of job and better and rapid growth in the carrier.

Why get trained with us?

  • Requirement specific individual training

  • 100% practical training

  • Training by professional

  • Economical and need based rather than standard and group based

  • Learning at own pace

Who can get trained?

  1. 1 Professionals looking to upgrade and acquire new skill sets for better carrier prospects

  2. 2 Individuals who have got a professional training but are unable to get a break and right kind of opening due to skill set gap between acquired and desired.

  3. 3 Individuals who prefer hands on training rather than a formal training to reduce the training time and on job training needs after formal training.

  4. 4 Individuals who believe formal training can not land up into employment but a practical training can impart them skills to deliver the work. Hence will brighten there chances to get a right job quickly or help them work as part timer and professional

  5. 5 Individuals who want to learn it as a hobby.

Why practical training?

For years institutes are training people and it’s a known fact that formal training alone is not fetching job or right job to larger percentage of people who finish due to gap between industries required skills and skills acquired through training.

No amount of learning can help unless learning helps us bring results needed by companies offering the job. Most of the time the recent requirements of the industry are ignored in formal training. Practical training brings clarity in concepts learned and gives confidence that u can do it. With practical training participant quickly gets a grasp of what will be expected to do in real job scenario and how to handle day to day problems while doing the job.

What practical training means?

Practical training means learning by doing practical jobs similar to what they are expected to do in a company rather than learning tools to do it. The focus of learning is application and deliverables rather than knowledge only. In process of this training common needs of a job are already taken care along with a run of difficulties and how to resolve them. Finally, its gives right confidence and portfolio to face the interviews for job.

Who will train?

Being a development company we have no instructors. We have people who are specialized and expert in executing real projects at our end. Moreover, we are able to bring in best industry experienced specialized people for interaction from time to time to share experience, address queries and provide About Trainer.

What will I achieve by training?

A better skill set, practical experience, confidence, value for money finally a better job and faster growth.

What is the training cost?

Your determination, hard work and a small part of money you will invest anywhere else in training and yet be so unsure of final results.